Welcome to the CLRC

The Cape Land Rover club is a family orientated Land Rover club based in Cape Town South Africa

Webmaster Notice

Hey folks, I am hoping this new site will be better than the last. We ran out of options on the last one, and I simply could not resurrect it. It all started with a small issue I had to fix and snowballed one after another into a dramatic problem. Eventually I redesigned everything from scratch. Where possible I recovered data from the old site. I lost some of your blogs and some of the articles in the forum. My Apologies. I will have a brand new forum running and will still try to resurrect the old forums for lookups at least.

Note we wont allow public registrations anymore. The site was hacked by a registered user that uploaded an app to the server using the forums. We will setup a process of registrations for valid club members. For now the content is all open, there is no private sections on the new site as yet. So you are not missing anything. Those that wish to be active contributors can email we directly, and i will manually setup your account.

Steve Akester
Web Master